Advice and answers from the Roadmap Team


The ins and outs of creating an integrated workflow on the Roadmap platform. Centralize product feedback and track high-level progress from other tools.

Project management tools

JIRA integration

Automatically send ideas to JIRA, track when they’re complete, and notify your users with Roadmap.

GitHub Integration

Push ideas to GitHub issues, track when ideas are complete, and notify subscribers with the GitHub integration.

Trello Integration

Push ideas to Trello cards, track when a card is complete, notify subscribers with Roadmap.

Communication tools

Groove Integration

Collect, share, and track product feedback from Groove tickets. Leverage insights from Groove tickets and automatically engage followers.

Zendesk Integration

Collect, share, and track product feedback from Zendesk tickets. Leverage insights from Zendesk tickets and automatically engage followers.

Intercom Integration

Track product feedback and feature requests from Intercom conversations. Automatically follow up from Roadmap when there is progress.

Forward Feedback via Email 💌

Each roadmap has a designated email address to forward feedback to. Add the sender as a subscriber and follow up when there is progress.

Slack Integration

Add product feedback from Slack and get helpful notifications when people engage with Roadmap such as new claps and follows.


Chrome Extension

Everything you need to know about installing and using Roadmap’s Chrome extension to collect feedback from anywhere on the web.

Zapier Integration

Centralize feedback, push ideas, and track data with thousands of apps with the Zapier platform.