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Roadmap – Build products people love with public roadmaps and data-driven feedback

User feedback that matters

Collect feedback from your app & make data-driven decisions.

Leverage user feedback to understand how in-demand features requests are and prioritize decisions. Targeted engagement and unique user attributes such as revenue, value vs effort, team support, and more give feedback context to quickly understand what matters most.

Integrate with customer support & project management tools to centralize feedback & feature requests from all your communication channels.


Close the Feedback Loop

Increase retention with public product roadmaps & subscriber notifications.

No more tagging support tickets, pasting feedback in product management tools, or sending feature requests to a CRM blackhole.

Engage with users throughout the pipeline for interviews, testing, and surveys via user groups and notifications.

Product roadmaps can be private, public, or a mix of both. Reduce churn and product updates with public product roadmaps.

Team harmony with customer-centric product roadmaps

Product planning & engagement for all your app’s stakeholders.



Product Management

Make data-driven decisions and keep stakeholders in the loop.

  • Feedback collection
  • Backlog management
  • Sprint planning
  • Roadmaps & reporting


Dev Ops & UX

Create organized and informed processes for shipping products.


  • User groups & engagement
  • Progress tracking
  • Integrations & API

Success & Sales

Advocate for customers and competitive advantage.

  • Integrated workflow
  • Collaboration & updates
  • Public roadmaps



Integrate with the tools you already ❤️

Integrate the workflow for collecting feedback –> product management–> pushing code –> product marketing.
Coordinate across teams to maximize joy for sprints and releases.

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