Turn User Feedback
Into Actionable Product Decisions.

We help product managers turbocharge their development process by making it easy to centralize feedback, prioritize ideas and delight users by shipping exactly what they're looking for.

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Unify your feedback channels

You have user feedback coming in from all directions. Roadmap directs it all into a collaborative feedback inbox, to clear your mind.

Prioritize your product

Categorize and sort your feedback automatically to create a data-driven idea backlog, ready for your internal teams to work on.

Deploy a real-time roadmap

Delight your users by showing them your roadmap, use it to keep your internal stakeholders in the loop. (or both !)

Feedback Inbox

Your product feedback
all in one place.

The feedback inbox is a collaborative repository for customer feedback. Use our widget directly within your application, or capture feedback directly from Slack, Intercom, email, and more.

Integrates with your day-to-day tools

Unified, collaborative feedback repository

Keep your users in the loop from end-to-end

Idea Backlog

A dynamic, updated backlog
to organize your ideas.

The idea backlog is a single source of truth for product and feature ideas from your team or from escalated feedback. Custom fields and dynamic sorting helps your team prioritize ideas that align with product strategy.

Data-driven backlog prioritization

Manage your backlog with the help of qualitative and quantitative data gathered directly from your stakeholders' feedback.

Real-time input from stakeholders

By allowing your users and internal stakeholders to provide input directly into your backlog in real-time, we make sure you'll never again have to ask "What should we work on next?"

Product Roadmap

A customizable, interactive
product roadmap.

Prioritized ideas are combined into stories. Stories can be shared on your product roadmap to keep users and stakeholders up-to-date with what’s happening now, soon, and in the future vision for your product.

Align your stakeholders with product vision

Fully brandable and customizable roadmap

Delight users by shipping exactly what they're looking for

See how Roadmap has simplified product management.

Our mission is to give our customers the tools to ensure their users feel their feedback is valuable and does not fall in the cracks.

“The public roadmap has seen engagement that's been through the roof.”

Michael Duxbury

“The Roadmap + Intercom integration makes the process of collecting feedback and using it in our roadmap effortless.”

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