Build engaging products
with data-driven roadmaps

Innovative product management software for SaaS & digital products
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Eliminate guesswork & increase innovation

Roadmap is product management software for teams building digital products.  Increase user engagement with in-app public roadmaps & user feedback.

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A smarter backlog of ideas

Product management software should help teams answer the question: “What should we work on next?”

Customize your backlog and Roadmap helps you automatically prioritize ideas as you communicate with users, customer success, sales, and executives. 

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User research & validation

Test ideas and create user groups for confident decision-making and retrospectives.

A dedicated channel for product feedback

Collect in-app feedback and centralize product feedback channels with integrations like Slack and Intercom.

Leverage feedback to engage customers and teams throughout the organization.

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A public roadmap to share vision

Increase retention by sharing an in-app public roadmap. Users can react to roadmap stories and opt-in for updates, increasing customer engagement.

Feedback with Roadmap is free. Collect feedback from your app, Slack, and email  - for free!