Chrome Extension

Chrome extension

Collect product feedback from across the internet with Roadmap’s Chrome extension. Once installed, highlight feedback from anywhere such as social media and other apps to add it to Roadmap. 

Add feedback to different roadmaps, an existing idea or story, capture the URL, and add feedback on behalf of customers and leads. 

The extension is a great way for teams to link back to feedback in situations where you might want to follow up with someone, but email isn’t accessible, like Twitter. 

Once added, the chrome icon will always be a handy link back to the original URL the feedback came from. 

How to use the extension

How to use Chrome extension

The extension is designed for team members, like sales and support, to easily add product feedback to Roadmap. Whether feedback is a tweet, a Facebook message, or an email in your CRM, the extension is a quick way to capture feedback. 

Capture feedback

  1. Highlight the text you want to add as feedback
  2. Click the Roadmap icon in your browser
  3. Select which roadmap you want to add the feedback to (optional)
  4. Select an existing idea or story to add the feedback to (optional)
  5. Make sure you’ve got the right URL, like the direct link to a tweet or comment (optional)
  6. Add a follower (optional, email is required)

If you don’t add follower details, you’ll be listed as a follower or owner. If you do add follower details you and the external user will both be added as followers.

Once feedback is added from the extension, the Chrome icon links back to the URL in case anyone needs to learn more about the feedback or follow up with the person on social media. 

How to Install the Chrome Extension

Install Chrome extension

Anyone, including team members, can install and use the extension to add feedback.

To install the extension:

  1. Go to Account –> My integrations
  2. Generate an API token and copy it to your clipboard
  3. From the same page click “Add to Chrome” or visit the Chrome Web Store here
  4. Once installed, sign in by adding your email and the API token

Feedback ❤️

We’ll be expanding the extension to be more intuitive on particular domains like Twitter and Salesforce. Love to use the extension? Have an idea to make it even better? We’d love to hear your feedback!