UserVoice vs Roadmap

Roadmap is an affordable UserVoice alternative.

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Are you a small team looking at handling your customers' feedback and product prioritization? Maybe you’re thinking of giving UserVoice a try, or you’re already using it and noticed how costly it is. Roadmap is a lightweight and affordable alternative to UserVoice.

Feature Comparison

Feature UserVoice Roadmap
Collecting feedback
Product prioritization
Ideas portal
Communicating updates

1) Centralize your feedback via multiple channels.

Feedback flow from all sorts of sources. Sales, support, customer success, and internal discussions are common places where teams talk to your customers and receive new feedback.

Roadmap handles public ideas portal and feedback widget like UserVoice. But we’re also making sure that every feedback channels you use are sending feedback to your team centralized feedback inbox. Some example may include:

  1. Capture feedback from your Intercom conversations and keep a handy link back to that convo from within Roadmap.
  2. Create new feedback from any web page from our Chrome extension. You’ve launched something on ProductHunt? Capture feedback without switching context.
  3. You use Zendesk or Groove to support your customers? We have a quick way for support agents to send feedback to Roadmap from their tools.
  4. Have an excellent team discussion in Slack regarding a new feature, use the /roadmap command and send your feedback to the centralized inbox.
Feedback inbox

2) Embed your portal into your web application.

Your users are already using your application, and often they have new ideas while using your product. We thought it would be better to let Roadmap users embed their entire product roadmap and ideas portal where their users are most likely to engage.

Just like UserVoice, you do have the option to use a hosted version. But we highly recommend embedding the portal inside your application. This lets you identify your users so when they engage with your portal either by submitting new feedback or clapping and following your roadmap stories they do not need to provide any information.

It is easy to get started with the hosted version. And nothing prevents you from using both versions.

One thing to note though, Roadmap does not yet support SSO for our hosted version. This is something UserVoice do.

3) Roadmap is built for small teams.

When a product like UserVoice focuses their energy on large enterprises, it impacts smaller sized companies. The features and future of the product might not be as attracting to <350 employees companies anymore.

For a small team like us at Roadmap it would not make much sense to target large enterprises anyway. We’ve positioned our product to serve smaller teams.

We’re trying to build a product that will grow with you from the beginning. No matter where your product management strategy is at the moment, you can certainly count on Roadmap to be there for you at each step of your evolution.

We’re also obsessed with making sure your users have the best experiences possible all across the bi-directional feedback loop.

I would also say that our support is extremely friendly. We’re always happy to talk to our customers. That’s why we’re using Intercom. We’re here for you.

4) Roadmap is more affordable.

UserVoice product management starts at US$499/month. For small businesses, this price is on the high-end of the spectrum. There are lots of options to choose from also that will increase this monthly expense.

To get pricing details for UserVoice product management you have to talk to a sales representative. We grabbed the following pricing from different web pages and Quora answers where UserVoice employees were talking about pricing.

We’re comparing Roadmap’s Pro plan.

Product Starting price 1 product manager 5 product managers
Roadmap $29/month $49/month $245/month
UserVoice $449/month $449/month $999/month
Annual savings $5,388 $4,800 $9,048

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