Roadmap Integrations

Roadmap integrations for the product management tools you love.


Roadmap is designed with your existing workflow in mind


Add feedback right from Slack. Get notifications of new ideas and roadmap claps and follows to any Slack channel.


Add feedback right from Intercom. Roadmap links back to the conversation in Intercom for future reference.


Automatically send new ideas to Github. When issues are closed, ideas are marked as complete in roadmap.


Push ideas from Roadmap to Trello. When they're moved to your "done" list, Roadmap tracks your high-level progress.


Create a custom workflow and automate new ideas and feedback in Roadmap with any of Zapier's apps.


Automatically send new ideas to Jira. When tickets are closed, ideas are marked as complete in Roadmap.


Track product feedback from Zendesk tickets to keep stakeholders in the loop.


Collect feedback from anywhere on the internet - for free.


Coming Soon! Track feedback across accounts and opportunities from Salesforce.

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