GitHub Integration

The Roadmap and GitHub integration connects high-level roadmap planning the process for pushing code and getting things done with GitHub.

Why the Roadmap & GitHub Integration is Awesome

Save time and keep workflows in sync by pushing ideas from Roadmap to GitHub issues. When issues are closed in GitHub, Roadmap marks the idea as complete. Automatically notify subscribers (team members or customers/leads) when an idea is complete.

Pro Tip! Enable 2-Factor Authentication with Roadmap before connecting to your GitHub repository. Enable 2-FA for your organization in Account –-> Settings.

How to Enable the Roadmap & GitHub Integration

Each product roadmap can be connected to different GitHub organizations or repositories.

Step 1: Enable the integration from your Roadmap account. Click on Settings → Integrations → Connect.

Connect to GitHub

Step 2: Authorize Roadmap to create new GitHub issues and monitor when issues are marked as closed.

GitHub OAuth

Step 3: Pick your GitHub organization. Once authorized, we’ll display a list of your GitHub organizations in a drop-down menu. Select which organization you’d like to push issues to from your Roadmap ideas.

Step 4: Pick your GitHub repository. The repository you select is where Roadmap will create new issues. A product roadmap item can potentially have multiple ideas pushed to this GitHub repository. 

BOOM! You’re done connecting the Roadmap & GitHub Integration.

How to push ideas to GitHub

Push to GitHub

Once you enable your integration, you’ll choose in Roadmap whether you want to push ideas (1) as soon as an idea is created or (2) when ideas are added to stories or (3) manually.

The manual option is best if you’d like to use two PM tools together such as the Trello integration with GitHub. In the case, we’ll list your enabled integrations so that you can choose where you want to push ideas to.

When ideas are pushed to GitHub, your issues are added at the bottom of your GitHub repository with a description referencing the name of your roadmap story. We’re also sending details like objectives, tags, and markdown formatting.

Closing Issues

When you close an issue in GitHub, it communicates back to Roadmap via a webhook that the idea is complete. Do not close an issue if there is still back and forth between other states of development such as QA or In Progress. 

Once you close an issue in GitHub, Roadmap considers that idea completed. Depending on your notification settings, an automatic email can be sent to subscribers when an issue is closed in GitHub.

Feedback ❤️

Love to use Roadmap & GitHub together? Have some ideas to make this integration even better? We’d love to hear from you!