Plans & pricing

We've got a plan for your team

$ 19 / manager / month

billed annually or $29 monthly

1 Roadmap
500 engaged users
Collect feedback
Prioritize a backlog
Flexible branding
Integrate with Trello, GitHub, Intercom, Slack, Email, Zapier, and Chrome Extension

$ 39 / manager / month

billed annually or $49 monthly

Everything in Starter +
5 Roadmaps
1,500 engaged users
Custom fields
JIRA, Zendesk, Groove & Pivotal Tracker integration

$ 79 / manager / month

billed annually or $99 monthly

Everything in Pro +
~ Roadmaps
3,000 engaged users
Custom domain & SSL
Remove branding
Salesforce integration


If you need more

5k additional engaged users
$ 19 / month

Add 5k additional engaged users. This addon can be selected multiple times. If you have 8k exceeding engaged users, you would use 2x this addon.

Custom integration
$ 1,500 / integration

We can build custom integration if your organization needs something built for your API or a 3rd party your're using.

$ 6,000 then, 1,400 / year

If your organization needs to control the infrastructure we can help you deploy Roadmap to your servers. The per-year fee is for updates and support.

Included in our plans

Feedback channels
A centralized place for feedback from users, customer success, or sales via widget, chrome extension, Slack or Email.

Idea backlog
A single source of truth for product and feature ideas from the team or escalated feedback.

Product roadmap
An interactive roadmap for users and stakeholders to know what’s happening now, soon, and in the future vision for the product.

Email notifications
Automatic email notifications to followers when feedback, an idea or story they’re following is progressing.

Users portal
A user portal to track feedback and engagement with the roadmap to inform user research and calls.

API access
Our full REST API allow you do handle custom input or output tasks you would need to perform with your Roadmap data.