Meet Roadmap. A better way to build your product.

Roadmap is a feedback-driven product management software that helps you build the right product based on your customers' needs.

Feedback Channels

Organize your feedback.

Your teams are continually receiving feedback. Make sure nothing falls in the cracks with our centralized feedback inbox. Share it across all your team members so they have a real-time overview of your feature requests.

Stream all your product feedback channels to Roadmap and see how easy it is to manage a constant flux of qualified product ideas.

"It's so easy to stay in the conversation in Intercom and add feedback directly to Roadmap."

Aaron Green
Founder at Streamtime
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Product Prioritization

What should you work on next ?

Create your product roadmap from qualitative and quantitative data you gathered from your stakeholders' feedback.

Use built-in and custom datasets to help your teams decide what to prioritize next.

"We needed help prioritizing customer feedback and communicating our priorities with our customers. Roadmap has become part of that strategy and helps us manage the process, as a small team."

Karey Patterson
Managing Director at eReserve
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Public Roadmap

Communicate your vision.

Create beautifully customizable product roadmaps and tell the story of your users' feedback.

Continue to capture interests and let your users follow stories that they find meaningful. Embed your roadmap into your application, so your users are always up-to-date with what's happening with your product.

"The public roadmap has seen engagement that's been through the roof."

Michael Duxbury
Head of Product Management at dotdigital
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Automated Notifications

Close the feedback loop.

Your customers' product feedback are some of the most valuable assets your product can use to make sure you're going in the right direction.

Let your users be part of the entire lifecycle of their feedback, the initial reception all the way until you publish the release containing their feedback. They will feel their feedback had an impact on the development of your product.

Sending progress updates to our users on their requests has been one of Spark Chart's most valuable features.

Mark Sinclair
Co-Founder at Spark Chart
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