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All product feedback in one place

The feedback inbox is a central place for feedback directly from the widget. You can even push product ideas from the backlog to the widget as a quick survey.

Users who participate are added to that idea as a follower in the backlog. You can also capture feedback via Slack, Intercom, Email, and more.

A dynamic backlog to help with prioritizing

The idea backlog is a single source of truth for product and feature ideas from the team or escalated feedback.

Custom fields and dynamic sorting help your team to prioritize ideas that align with product strategy.


Targeted messaging to keep conversation flowing

Messaging empowers teams to send a rich-text email to a highly targeted list of followers on ideas or stories for research or testing.

You can even segment out internal vs. external followers. (More segments to come!) Spend less time finding qualified users and more time talking to them.

A customizable, interactive public roadmap

Prioritized ideas are combined into stories. Stories can be shared on your public roadmap to keep users and stakeholders up-to-date with what’s happening now, soon, and in the future vision for your product.

Stories support HTML and markdown, and roadmaps can be completely customized to your brand with advanced CSS.

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Roadmap is designed with your existing workflow in mind


Add feedback right from Slack. Get notifications of new ideas and roadmap claps and follows to any Slack channel.


Add feedback right from Intercom. Roadmap links back to the conversation in Intercom for future reference.


Automatically send new ideas to Github. When issues are closed, ideas are marked as complete in roadmap.


Push ideas from Roadmap to Trello. When they're moved to your "done" list, Roadmap tracks your high-level progress.


Create a custom workflow and automate new ideas and feedback in Roadmap with any of Zapier's apps.


Automatically send new ideas to Jira. When tickets are closed, ideas are marked as complete in Roadmap.


Track product feedback from Zendesk tickets to keep stakeholders in the loop.


Collect feedback from anywhere on the internet - for free.


Coming Soon! Track feedback across accounts and opportunities from Salesforce.

What our customers are saying

"Roadmap's feedback tools help validate the work to be done in JIRA and improves communication with teams and users."

Serge Barysiuk
CTO & Co-Founder at PandaDoc

"We love that Roadmap allows us to better prioritize and deliver the features our users and stakeholders actually want. The integrations made our adoption of Roadmap quick and simple, requiring no real changes to our established workflows."

John Adams
CTO at Bringhub

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