Our public roadmap

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What inspires our public roadmap?

While things might change on our public roadmap, a few things will always stay the same. Our values. Our values inspire everything that we do from the core mission of our product to how we prioritize and make decisions.


Transparency means open and honest communication with each other and our customers. In turn this inspires transparency in our customers’ businesses too.


Diverse people, ideas, and experiences help us build better products and relationships.


To be thoughtful about our business and our community. Sustainable means not ignoring the long-term in favor of the present.


Gratitude is influenced by the idea that feedback isn’t something to ‘deal with’ but something to be grateful for. An ‘attitude of gratitude’ inspires us to do our best work and create inclusive spaces for people to share their ideas.


A balanced approach to our business and our product means embracing change, keeping an open mind, and being flexible.


Joy inspires us to under-promise and over-deliver while making products that people connect with and love to use.