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How dotdigital increased their user engagement with their product roadmap

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What is dotdigital ?

We're dotdigital, and we enable the creation, sending, automation and reporting of digital marketing campaigns.

Can you describe your role at dotdigital?

I make sure our product does the right things for our customers at the right time. Getting feedback from customers is crucial in that, but so is showing them what we're working on.

Who's using Roadmap at dotdigital?

Just me, but we often have it up on screen during team meetings.

Is there a specific feature or functionality dotdigital is thrilled about?

The public roadmap has seen engagement that's been through the roof.

Are you using an integration, and if yes why?

Yes, we've integrated with Zendesk so our support team can send feedback without ever leaving their agent interface. I also use the Chrome extension so I can add feedback when I'm reading our forums.

Any inspirational startups, a person or a movement you want to share?

Ben Evans from a16z has been writing about his thoughts on the future of technology for years, and he still has amazing insight into what's happening.

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Michael Duxbury

Michael Duxbury

Head of Product Management, at dotdigital since 2003

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