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Beautiful product roadmaps

Beautiful product roadmaps

Create a feedback-driven product roadmap and share it with stakeholders. You decide if you want to make it public or not.

Even if you decide to publish a public roadmap, you can still have private stories. Your users will be delighted by a theme based product roadmap they can align with and participate shaping the product they already love.

Hosted and embedded version

Get started quickly with our fully managed and hosted roadmap portal.

You may embed your product roadmap directly into your web application for a smooth experience for your users when they engage with your stories, ideas, and submitting feedback.

When embedding the roadmap into your web application, you’re identifying the users, so they do not have to enter any information themselves. Your roadmap will assign their action directly to their Roadmap user profile.

This is an example of our own product roadmap embedded below. With one line of JavaScript.

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