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Feedback channels

Feedback channels

Stream all your feedback channels to your centralized feedback inbox.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of product feedback teams receive. Forget about spreadsheet this will not scale. You want to eliminate double entry as much as possible.

Roadmap allows piping your feedback into a collaborative feedback inbox. Here’s an example of our Intercom channel.

Real-world scenation using Intercom

A customer success, named Caroline talks to Bob, a customer, and the customer sends product feedback in the form of a feature request.

Caroline uses a special /roadmap note into Intercom to send this conversation as feedback.

Upon receiving this feedback Roadmap will add Bob and Caroline as followers so they will be both kept in the loop when there is progress with the feedback.

We currently support the following channels. Let us know if you need a specific application supported.

Feedback widget
Chrome extension
Roadmap API

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