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How Streamtime leveraged our Intercom integration to reorganize their feedback

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« Our clients are constantly giving us problems that they are trying to solve with Streamtime and we desperately needed a quick lightweight way to capture this feedback and attach these user stories to features and showcase this back to our clients on our public roadmap. The Roadmap integration with Intercom makes this process effortless for our support and product teams. »

What is Streamtime ?

We've been assisting creatives in the studio since 2002, but we're not just studio management software. Streamtime ensures your work life is Never Not Creative.

Can you describe your role at Streamtime?

Fighting for the soul of project management software.

Who's using Roadmap at Streamtime?


Is there a specific feature or functionality Streamtime is thrilled about?

It's so easy to stay in the conversation in Intercom and send feedback directly to our roadmap!

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Aaron Green

Aaron Green

Founder, at Streamtime since 2002

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