Pivotal Tracker Integration

Push your ideas to your Pivotal Tracker Icebox as stories or epics. Roadmap handles your high-level progress when stories are accepted.

Pivotal Tracker + Roadmap = Awesome

Nobody likes double-entry of data. Keep your product management and development workflow in sync by pushing ideas to Pivotal Tracker stories or epics.

When using stories, Roadmap will flag linked ideas as completed and notify followers as soon as the product owner mark a story complete in Tracker.

Pro Tip! Make sure to link your Pivotal Tracker User ID in your integration profile page.

How to Enable the Roadmap & Pivotal Tracker Integration

Each product roadmap can be connected to different Tracker project.

Step 1: Enable the integration from your Roadmap account. Click on Settings → Integrations → Connect.

Step 2: Provide your API token and select the Tracker project. Choose whether you’d like to create new Roadmap ideas as stories or epics in Tracker.

BOOM! You’re done connecting the Roadmap & Pivotal Tracker Integration.

How to push ideas to your Tracker Icebox

The Tracker stories or epics will be created with the idea title. The story description will contains more information like objectives, tags, and a link back to the idea.

Push idea to Pivotal Tracker

Completing stories

When you complete a story in Tracker, it communicates back to Roadmap via a webhook that the idea is complete.

Depending on your notification settings, an automatic email can be sent to followers.

Feedback ❤️

Love to use Roadmap & Pivotal Tracker together? Have some ideas to make this integration even better? We’d love to hear from you!