The Roadmap & Slack integration for product roadmaps

The Roadmap Team

The Roadmap and Slack integration for user feedback and product roadmaps is live and we’re already in love. Slack is our first go-to channel to discuss user feedback or when we have bright ideas for our product. We were stoked to hear how many users wanted to use Roadmap and Slack for product management and customer success.

Check out the Roadmap integration in Slack’s App Directory.

The Slack integration for managing feedback and feature requests encourages creative feedback and celebrates work. Our Slack integration for Roadmap keeps your finger on the pulse of your community’s most loved projects. Personally, in 16 years of software development, the Slack integration was the easiest and most fun integration I’ve ever built.

How It Works.

The integration shares notifications from Roadmap such as when someone subscribes to one of your roadmap stories, submits feedback via the Roadmap widget, and when people clap for your roadmap projects. We love the clap milestones notifications because they’re a fun way of keeping us motivated and letting us know our users are excited about our work.

You can also submit feedback or ideas to Roadmap using Slack commands. Like when you’re 50 chats into a brainstorm with your team and you have an a-ha moment or when you’re working on something completely unrelated and an idea strikes… you can add that feedback right to Roadmap from Slack without losing your ideas or your focus.

The Slack integration helps customer success manage feature requests and customer feedback right from your Slack channels. You can add feedback on behalf of someone else by adding their email to the Slack command. This adds them as a subscriber so they’ll always be followed up with from Roadmap and you can feel confident customers are advocated for.

What We Learned.

Building an integration with Slack’s API was a dream. The Slack API is intuitive to use and their documentation was beyond easy to understand. We loved their friendly process for submitting an integration to their App directory, which we learned today from Hiten Shah is a big opportunity.

The Slack team impressed us by under-promising and over-delivering when it came to reviewing our app. When we submitted the integration, the confirmation told us based on volume they would likely get back to us in two weeks. We liked that they gave us a timeline and were thrilled when the next day, 12 hours later, we had a response from their team with a few items of feedback. Overall it took less than 48 hours for our Slack integration for product roadmaps to be approved and added to the Slack App Directory.

Because our experience was such a positive one, it took way longer than it should have to find even one point of feedback for the Slack API. The one thing I could find is that when we built Roadmap’s Slack commands, we also included a command for help. This was actually part of their requirements and we loved the idea. When you type /roadmap ? in slack it shares our integration’s support resources. It would have been nice to format the help message content using simple formatting like is available in the messenger but it was not supported.

Like most developers that have been doing this for a long time, you can usually expect me to find gaps in platforms when building an integration. I expect to find challenges in other peoples’ code or documentation that forces me to rethink my goal or find creative workarounds. I plan to share those challenges and feedback as we expand our integrations, but honestly working with the Slack product and their API was a total treat.

On a side note, their app review team also left us a few funny messages in our test environment ?.

Funny slack message on our review

Get It.

The Roadmap & Slack integration is live and can be accessed from your Roadmap account or from Slack’s App Directory.

Check out this link to learn more about the Slack integration for product roadmaps and let us know if you have feedback!