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How Spark Chart keeps their users in the loop with claps and follows

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What is Spark Chart ?

Spark Chart is beautiful survey software to run truly professional survey projects. We help people become survey experts and get the feedback they need.

We've asked Mark what problems Roadmap was solving for Spark Chart.

We can direct users to our Roadmap to easily answer support tickets. It keeps users updated on what is planned and progress being made and their ideas/claps. It also allows users to make suggestions that we can use to shape our feature development.

Can you describe your role at Spark Chart?

Well in a small company, you have to cover many areas. So, strategic direction, our values, marketing, branding, SEO, sales, product design and development (not coding as Dave does that), website, financial, HR, legal, admin, systems, survey design, developing survey expertise in the team, systems and processes, managing support, and the list goes on and on.

Who's using Roadmap at Spark Chart?

The two co-founders, Dave and myself. Plus many users.

Is there a specific feature or functionality Spark Chart is thrilled about?

The clapping feature to see what is most wanted.
Following users getting updated on progress.
The user feedback and ideas.
The simplicity of In Progress, Soon and Future.
Graphics to make the Roadmap look engaging

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Mark Sinclair

Mark Sinclair

Co-Founder, at Spark Chart since 2014

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